Corporate Profile


MultiSlot is a casino solution provider. We have established an organization which focuses on the needs of the operators. Everything we do is driven by our customer’s requests and analyzing the industry. For that reason Multislot focuses its resources into the following:


MultiSlot was established with a view to build and providing casinos with games and scalable software programs to run their entire operation both online/mobile and land based. Initially, offering just games, and then expanding into other areas of the operation due to synergies and software capabilities.  Over the past few years the nature of the projects that we have been involved in has steadily expanded.


Dedicated to providing world class products, services and customer support to ensure our customers and our users the best possible experience. Multi Slot server based gaming has brought together varied talents from diverse backgrounds. This has given us a strong foundation with which to pursue our company mission.  Excellent quality is built on our key principles of:

More Platforms, Unique Products and More Features

The online casino industry continues to show rampant growth in popularity; much of the growth is attributed to social gaming applications, mobile platforms and unique product offerings. MultiSlot has carved out its niche in the industry by creating fresh, unique content deliverable via these new platforms and unique features.

Social Gaming

We have successfully launched our complete suite of casino games via Facebook, allowing our clients to market to this huge demographic and push these new players to their real money sites. With 800 million active Facebook users, every “Friend” the operators’ site receives gives them 1000’s more to market to. To assist in these marketing efforts, we offer tournaments, leader boards, unlock able levels of achievements with social hooks along the entire way. “Like” us today and come see our solutions live on our SlotBuster Facebook page

Mobile Platforms

Mobile solutions, smartphones and tablets are another key area of focus for MultiSlot. With over 500 million Android and 400 million Apple devices, our mobile applications allow our customers to deliver our robust casino to this exploding sector. The end user will experience the same, high quality games whether it be via their mobile device, PC or in a land based casino. We deliver continuity across each vertical.

Unique Products and Features

Intense competition in the industry requires software providers to develop unique and innovative product ranges. Not just for the end user, but also for the operator. With this in mind, one of our cornerstones is game and feature R&D.

Making the player experience simple and user friendly also helps the operator. We have developed special tools, an example is our Bonus Rollover Indicator, which allows the player to view how much additional rollover is needed to unlock a bonus, based on time or betting handle. These items increase the player experience while at the same time reduce the need for the operators Customer Service to provide such information. Keeping the operations in mind also helps achieve the players overall satisfaction. Client retention and reduced attrition is our end goal.

Fresh, Unique Content

MultiSlot strives to provide world class products and services. MultiSlot releases approximately 8-10 new games per quarter. The games are created with the user experience in mind, i.e. interactive bonus rounds, unique slot concepts, and specialty games created by operator request.