Rock n Rolls

A Classic jukebox style rock and roll slot machine. Ringing in the classics while raking in the bucks.

Tropical Aquarium

Hidden treasures abound in this underwater world of fun and excitement.

Golf n Monkeys

Monkey around with Golf and Gambling.

Fruity Fortune Plus

A true Vegas style original taken to new heights.


Roulette is the perfect game of chance with one objective: guess the next number you think will come up next.


Roaring 20’s theme of gat guns and gangsters that gives you the outlaw feeling of gambling’s origins.

Mayan Secret

Unlock the untold secrets of the ancient Mayan ruins to find your fortunes.

Arabian Oasis

Enter a desert paradise in this exotic game of Arabian intrigue.

Glamour World

Fashion and action combined in this glamorous slot game.


Hungry for action, this game will satisfy your craving!