Barnyard Bucks Slots

Barnyard Bucks is a 5 reel slot machine and 20 paylines. Fast moving with great characters and a fun Bonus round!

Lucky Mermaid Slots

Lucky Mermaid Slots is a slot machine ideal for lovers of the sirens .Enter and dive into the magical world under the ocean!

Lost Ruins Treasure

Ruins Lost Treasure takes you on a journey full of incredible adventures to long lost archaeological ruins in search of mysterious treasures and great bonus rounds.

Goblins Hideout

There are goblins everywhere! But don’t let stop you from winning big in this far away world.

Classic Cinema

Let’s all go to the lobby...let’s all go to the lobby...let’s all go to the lobby…and get ourselves some snacks!

Diamond Digin

There are diamonds down there. And Bonus rounds, and more ways to win.

Slot Wheels

Remember your toy car collection? They are all here and ready to help you win some cash.

Merry Christmas

Experience the holidays any time of year from the comfort of your home. There is no better gift than free spins!


Chess Mate is a slot machine ideal for chess fans. Enter and make your best moves!

Big Game Safari

One of the best 5-reel slot games on the market. It's safari theme that will allow you to imagine you are on an African expedition. But in this case you bring back winnings!